2014 ICD-10 Industry Survey

In March 2014, we conducted a survey of 1,300 healthcare professionals across all 50 states to gauge their attitudes towards ICD-10. Interestingly, we finished the survey right before Congress voted to delay the transition again. In short, the survey validates the delay.


While 23% of respondents reported that they are satisfied with the new coding standards, more people (30%) thought there should be no transition to ICD-10.

We found that the majority of respondents (55%) thought that the transition should be delayed, or that it shouldn't happen at all. It's worth noting that when we asked the same question in a similar survey in 2012, 56% answered the same way - this suggests that there hasn't been any change in attitude over the last 18 months.

As the bar chart below clearly shows, the vast majority of respondents indicated some level of concern regarding the impact of ICD-10. Note that 58% are "significantly" or "highly" concerned.

Respondents were most concerned about claims processing, with 68% reporting a "significant" or "high" level of concern. Second in line was "payer testing," with 61% reporting "significant/high." Respondents were least concerned with software upgrade costs.

Note that while the majority of respondents believe the government bears the most responsibility for a successful transition to ICD-10 (three questions up), only 12% trust the government most for information about implementation of new standards.

So where did our respondents come from? We had respondents from all 50 states, and a variety of healthcare roles.  Take a look:

Where is your business located?

What practice management software do you use?

Not sure - billing done through 3rd party (166)
NueMD (157)
Medisoft (75)
No system - submit paper claims (72)
Kareo (44)
Allscripts (39)
AdvancedMD (31)
eClinicalWorks (30)
HealthFusion (23)
athenahealth (16)
Lytec (15)
CollaborateMD (7)
Other (392)

We'd love to hear any thoughts you have on the results, or the ICD-10 transition in general.

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