How can your medical practice get involved in the local community? Find out in our latest article on healthcare marketing. 

Healthcare marketing doesn't have to be difficult.  This article is fourth in a series of blog articles produced by NueMD focused on healthcare marketing.  You've heard marketing your medical practice means more money, but you're busy providing patient care and navigating administrative burden. Luckily, medical marketing isn't a race. It's the small consistent strides that provide big returns down the line. 

How should medical practices handle social media? Find out in our new article on healthcare marketing. 

Why should physicians start their own blog? Find out in the our newest article on healthcare marketing. 

Earlier this month, healthcare companies and thought leaders met at the annual Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society in Las Vegas. HIMSS is one of the industry’s most influential health information and technology events, featuring informative sessions, cutting-edge product displays, and superior networking opportunities. In case you missed it, here are 4 key takeaways from HIMSS18:

Non adherence to medication can cost time, money, and a patient's health.  According to the American Medical Association, a patient is considered adherent when they take 80 percent of their prescribed medications. The AMA states that many physicians are surprised to learn the following: 

Is your medical practice website outdated? Find out in our new healthcare marketing blog series. 

These days, marketing your medical practice is a must. Here are 7 healthcare marketing tips to expand your patient base, increase patient engagement, and take control of your online reputation. 

What health IT gadgets are athlete's using in this year's Olympic games? Which healthcare program will receive funding under the recent spending bill? Could a UV lamp prevent the spread of Influenza?

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