Non adherence to medication can cost time, money, and a patient's health.  According to the American Medical Association, a patient is considered adherent when they take 80 percent of their prescribed medications. The AMA states that many physicians are surprised to learn the following: 

Is your medical practice website outdated? Find out in our new healthcare marketing blog series. 

These days, marketing your medical practice is a must. Here are 7 healthcare marketing tips to expand your patient base, increase patient engagement, and take control of your online reputation. 

What health IT gadgets are athlete's using in this year's Olympic games? Which healthcare program will receive funding under the recent spending bill? Could a UV lamp prevent the spread of Influenza?

Feb 13, 2018
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For Valentine's Day this year, we asked NueMD team members speak about an item from around their desk that they care about. From pictures to pups, here's a collection of stories about the things we love.

How will researchers get to know our gut? Why are some hospitals getting penalized over patient safety? What does the CDC say about this year's flu season?

Dec 06, 2017
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Will the CVS Aetna merger cause mayhem in healthcare? Are chatbots a viable source of therapy or a privacy breach waiting to happen? What will become of the individual mandate for health insurance? 

Which data security threat has healthcare leaders worried? What is blockchain technology and why does it matter to healthcare? What changes are coming to MACRA in 2018?

Stay informed on the latest healthcare news with these hand picked articles from around the web. This is the NueMD Top Five.

Sep 14, 2017

The way healthcare professionals get paid for Medicare is changing. Much like the transition to ICD-10, it’s a big change that could put many small practices in jeopardy. Oct. 2 is the deadline to start collecting MIPS data for the 90-day reporting period, so here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re ready.