NueMD Top Five - December 2017

Stay informed on the latest in healthcare news with these hand picked articles from around the web.
This is the NueMD Top Five.

Aetna CVS Merger

CVS to Buy Aetna – $69 Billion Merger Could Reshape Healthcare -

Healthcare giants announce partnership plans with goals of improving customer satisfaction and access to healthcare. Critics call the vertical merger a defensive move that would limit patient choice and put retailers in charge of people's health.


Millenial Health

3 Ways Health Brands Can Attract Millennials: Transparency, Accessibility, Usability -
In this op-ed, Forbes contributor Jeff Fromm argues that millennials want a holistic approach to healthcare, yet studies show they avoid doctors and insurance carriers. He offers advice on how health brands can bridge this gap.


Senate's Tax Bill Eliminates the Individual Mandate for Health Insurance -
As House and Senate members work to reconcile their versions of the tax bill before Christmas, here's what you should know about the health insurance mandate.

chatbot therapy
Mental Health Spotlight: The Rise of Chatbot Therapy Apps -
Is AI hitting the healthcare industry before it's ready? Introducing – chatbot therapy apps. One study claims chatbots can significantly reduce depression in patients, while one healthcare leader warns against possible privacy issues.

marketing medical practice
12 Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices -
Start the new year off right with a brand new marketing strategy. Invest in your medical practice with these 12 marketing ideas.


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