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Jan 20, 2014

This article first appeared on Practice Fusion's Product blog. Practice Fusion is one of NueMD's preferred EHR partners.

With the transition to ICD-10 less than nine months away, planning remains a major concern for many providers.  Aside from a reduction in efficiency and a potential increase in claim rejections, providers can also expect to see a major impact on their bottom line.


A divided Supreme Court upheld most of the Obama administration's health care law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ruling that the law's penalty for those who ignore a mandate to carry health insurance counted as a tax and was authorized under Congress's power to raise and collect taxes.

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Apr 02, 2012

In a medical office building, it is important to both meet practical needs and make patients comfortable. Join us as we go on-site to Palmetto Health Council in Palmetto, GA where we learn from Jeffrey K. Griffin, a LEED certified architect at JKG Collaborative that specializes in health care facilities. Learn architectural qualities you can add when designing and building your new practice or what you can do to improve an existing practice. We’ll also discuss the importance of sustainability, trends in products and features, and learn what to avoid.


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Mar 01, 2012

Doctors decide to practice medicine for various reasons; maybe they experienced something as a child or they really just want to help people. But another major reason physicians practice medicine to earn a living and participate in, what is hopefully, a money-making business. The education of running a business, however, is not something taught in medical school. Any doctor about to start a practice, or join one, needs to have a basic knowledge in contracts, insurance and making money.

Let’s face it. There is a lot of competition in the practice management and EHR software field. One thing (among many) that sets Nuesoft apart from other vendors is that we are Mac compatible. There are very few vendors that can say that, making it a distinguishing characteristic.

The possibility of workplace violence exists in nearly every work environment, but no where is it more prevalent than in healthcare settings. Understanding the potential dangers and specific issues that are unique to the healthcare industry and then taking action to implement programs that will minimize risk are key to keeping employees in medical practices and clinics safe.