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We know that compliance with HIPAA can be a demanding task. That's why we've created this InfoCenter to help you stay up to date with all the recent changes. But we don't just aim to keep you informed! [Knowledge of the law, a solid compliance plan, effective training, and even self-auditing are all important parts of keeping your practice on the right track.] Our goal is to simplify the process and help you avoid any fines or penalties on the path toward HIPAA compliance.



Breach Notification Guide
As The Office for Civil Rights continues Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audits Program, it's important to understand your responsibilities when reporting a breach. Do you know the rules for your state?

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Steps to HIPAA Compliance
We partnered with industry experts to conduct a series of webinars on HIPAA compliance for small medical practices and billing companies.

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2016 HIPAA Survey Results
To clarify the HIPAA policy updates and help practices benchmark against peers, we surveyed over 1,000 providers, administrators, and medical office staff.

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Check out America’s favorite HIPAA-related game show where, contestants compete to see who’s most knowledgeable about HIPAA compliance. Don’t let HIPAA audits put your practice in jeopardy. Share these videos with your staff for a lighthearted take on a serious subject.



HIPAA Articles


Prevention is the best solution for hospital ransomware attacks

Cybercriminals who rely on ransomware data have set their sights on U.S. hospitals. These devastating programs operate on a simple premise - when the infection hits a computer network, it seizes control of every piece of data it can access. More...

By Kevin McCarthy

4 Steps to Mitigate a HIPAA Breach and Other Tips You Need to Know

Have you been the victim of a breach? Maybe not, but perhaps you know someone who has. Either way, deciding what to do next can be challenging if you're unprepared. More...

By Jason Karn

Medical school assocations push for more courses on EHR programs

EHR software programs are becoming increasingly prevalent in medical facilities. These systems offer stricter security measures, improved communications and more efficiency for providers. They can also reduce errors as patient data gets integrated into one easily accessible location for anytime, anywhere access and real-time updates. More...

By Jason Karn