6 apps that help new and expecting mothers stay healthy

Improved access to educational resources and helpful tools is helping patients by offering insight and guidance in real-time. Smartphone apps in particular are so useful because they can give important support in an easy-to-use format.

For new mothers and their babies, mobile apps are replacing parenting books and midnight calls to the doctor. These platforms give families peace of mind and offer a new way to keep newborns safe and healthy. Here are some of the best apps available:

1. Glow Nurture
Even before your child is born, there are a number of smartphone apps that can support you during the pregnancy period. The experts at best product said that Glow Nature, which is available for Apple and Android devices, is among the most comprehensive and useful platforms available for expecting mothers.

There are tracking tools for baby-kicks and other updates, and a health log for personal care. Look up specific symptoms and communicate with other pregnant women to share tips and ideas. You can also log doctors appointments and other useful information.

2. Baby MedBasics
​Once your baby is born, there's any number of health issues to keep an eye out for, from hiccups to more serious conditions. The app Baby MedBasics provides families the tools to learn about any possible ailment. Research specific symptoms to see what might be the problem, and follow helpful charts and guides to learn how to alleviate and spot the most troubling conditions. This way you can stay on top of your child's health and know how and when to intervene.

3. Growth
As your child grows older, you can use this app to not only track how big he or she is getting but also to identify any challenges. Using templates provided by either the World Health Organization or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on your baby's age and weight, you can monitor growth in between visits to the pediatrician. The next time you bring your child in for an appointment, you can compare this information with an existing EHR at the doctor's office and get a more well-rounded view of how your baby is growing.

4. Baby Bundle
Every day is a new challenge for parents of new babies, and there can be mild ailments that might not be outlined in a more robust health library. This app, called Baby Bundle, helps you monitor bathroom and sleep schedules as well as other activities. Breast-feeding timers and food logs also help you look for disruptions that could lead to fussiness or other behaviors in your child's behavior.

There are also tools like vaccination reminders and health guides. You can compare multiple babies, which is useful for the parents of twins or households with a few young children. 

5. Today's Parent My Family
This app gives parents the tools to make sure their little one is well-cared for. By entering your child's age, you can get many useful resources, from health information and monitoring to nap trackers and feeding logs.

What makes this app special is there are also features that extend beyond physical health to make sure your baby is getting all sorts of enrichment. There are portals for recipes and age- appropriate activities. Likewise users can make a digital scrapbook using photos and videos.

6. White Noise
Mom Junction reported that this app is useful because it helps your baby become accustomed to everyday noises. This helps your child prepare for a first ride in an airplane or other events that can be distressing. There are also soothing noises that can comfort your baby if needed.

Beyond these six apps, there are many others than can help support you and your baby. Look online to see what other platforms could be useful.

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