Apps that keep patients healthy on the go

Traveling can unfortunately increase a person's risk for falling ill. The emotional and physical stress of flying can compromise the body's immune system, and visiting a different part of the world means potential exposure to foreign viruses and bacteria to which an individual has little natural resistance.

By using smartphone apps, however, travelers can maintain good health. And should they become sick, there are a number of apps that can helpful as well. Here are just a few platforms that support wellness while on the go.

This app is commissioned by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and hosts a wealth of information. By using this app, travelers can research a destination and learn more about all possible caveats. Importantly, this includes information on medicine availability and appropriate vaccines. This is essential for avoiding some of the world's most dangerous illnesses. Travwell also includes tips related to eating healthier and what to pack to ensure a trip is as successful as possible.

Can I Eat This?
Another app hosted by the CDC, this platform is critical when visiting a new country. Different foods carry a number of illnesses and potential health hazards, and Can I Eat This highlights what is safe and what to avoid. This makes it possible to explore a different culture safely and with confidence. It also helps travelers stay fit, because in the absence of reliable advice, it can be easy to end up relying on fast food and take out to comfortably find something to eat.

Happy Cow
Eating well is essential for promoting a strong immune system, especially in the face of exhausting flights or train and bus rides. According to the Trim Traveler,Happy Cow is so useful because it outlines the most health-friendly restaurants in an area. Importantly, it highlights vegan and vegetarian options and sorts by rating, price and menu. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure the proper balance of vitamins and minerals, and for that reason this app is critical. So whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, it's possible to avoid the room service and enjoy a fresh, healthy meal.

Food Tripping
Serious foodies will really enjoy this app, as it makes it possible to find farmers markets, local coffee shops and artisan restaurants across the U.S. Like Happy Cow, this platform makes it easier than ever to stay fit during a trip. When visiting an area for an extended period of time, this is even more helpful because eating out can quickly become expensive.

First Aid by American Red Cross
The site App Advice found that this is such a powerful tool because it's easy to use and comes with a massive catalog of instrumental tips and guidance. The platform offers information on treating all sorts of ailments, and this can be very useful for travelers who become sick or suffer an injury.

For outdoor adventurers or in areas with limited health infrastructure, this can be especially important. The app not only outlines how to address emergency situations, but it can also show where the nearest hospital or care center is located.

Doctor On Demand
Increasingly providers are using telemedicine and other tools to keep patients out of the physical doctor's office. This is a way to promote good health from afar and to take stress off of waiting rooms. For travelers, the app Doctor On Demand makes it possible to video chat with a physician for a small fee, independent of where you are. That means an individual need not wait for the availability of a primary care physician nor must they take time out of a vacation to go see a health professional. Using a video consultation, an attending doctor can give a diagnoses, offer treatment advice and also use a prescribing software.

Aside from healthy eating, maintaining a baseline level of exercise is important for staying fit, even during a vacation. MapMyWalk and other fitness apps help incentivize and track workouts, giving users a more intimate snapshot of daily health.

This app is especially useful for travelers who are visiting famous landmarks or taking in the sights. It catalogs travel time and distance, quantifying a day's worth of exploration.

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