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Patients Want Telehealth Now

Can you believe that as many as one-fifth of patients would switch from their primary care provider if another such provider in “their area” offered telehealth visits? That’s the news American Well reports. There’s no definition of “their area,” but one can likely suppose that the “area” is within their living or work environs, so therefore applicable to their daily lives. [cont...]

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Scott Rupp


Scott E. Rupp is a writer and an award-winning journalist focused on healthcare technology. He has worked as a public relations executive for a major electronic health record/practice management vendor, and he currently manages his own agency, millerrupp. In addition to writing for a variety of publications, Scott also offers his insights on healthcare technology and its leaders on his site, Electronic Health Reporter.

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Denise Wagner

Kachina Healthclaims, LLC

"What was good about NueMD was that it had all the features I needed for all the specialties that we do billing for." [cont...]


Affordability was very much a factor. There are so many different software’s out there that have all these bells and whistles on them. Things that you don’t really need and you don’t really use. That’s what was good about NueMD. It had all the features I needed for all the specialties that we do billing for.

Codes are changing consistently and there are times that I’m really not sure if I need a fifth digit or a fourth digit on that code. So I will do the claim scrubbing to make sure that I’m not going to have any issues, and it helps tremendously.

We have what they call as a billing service the, “super account.” Which allows us to go into the super account and use a drop down menu to pull up any provider and be able to switch to that provider in just a matter of seconds.

Batch Payments, I love the ERA’s. Instead of manually posting your EOB’s as they come in, all I have to do is open up the batch, view and post and I’m done.  You know, you have to love what you’re doing and the business is very important to me. I want to be proud of it, as well I want my accounts to be proud of it.

Billing for Chiropractors: Getting Paid Sooner

Learn the basics of billing for chiropractors to boost your revenue and get paid sooner. Kari Behlmer will touch on some great points about code modifiers, and go into detail about filing claims with Medicare and private insurance. [cont...]

Julie & Liz

Premiere Medical Billing

"When we started this company there was no question about which software we were going to use."  [cont...]


Julie: When we started this company there was no question about which software we were going to use. 

Liz:  Nuesoft is so user friendly, anybody we hire- we could just put them at the desk and they could pretty much do it. 

Julie C.: We do run such a fast paced business. It's a lot of work. And to have a software that's so easy to use, that you can get through quickly, it's easy to understand, it's helpful. 

Julie: Especially being a small company, just starting out, the cost of Nuesoft was nothing compared to other software companies. We like the fact that we have the ERAs, EDI- it's very quick, user-friendly, easy to use, it gives us errors when we make mistakes. So we know exactly where to fix it. 

Liz: We did have a client- they had purchased a pretty expensive billing software system but they didn't buy a back-up.  One day their computer crashed and they lost everything. If they had Nuesoft then they wouldn't had to worry about that because it's internet-based. If their computer crashes, they could just go pick up another computer. 

Julie: When clients call us and they're doing their end of month reporting and they want a certain report, it's very quick for us to get that report printed and look exactly like our client wants it to look. 

If we have a new account or we're expecting a new account, we call Erin- first thing. 

Liz: Basically, she is our friend now. She's become a friend. We've been dealing with her for so long. Any time we have a new client, our contracts are done. 

Julie: And that way, our clients end up getting Nuesoft within a couple of days. It gives our clients confident in us that we chose a good software for them to use. 

Mid-Vermont Medical Billing

CEO Jennifer Pare formed Mid-Vermont Medical Billing in Rutland, Vt., an area with a lack of qualified medical billing companies. With a rapidly growing client base including OB-GYN, family practice, general surgery, pulmonary medicine, addictive medicine, chiropractor, and physicians in several other specialties, Pare needed to increase efficiencies and automate her processes [cont...]

2012 Billing Trends: What's on the Horizon

Every year there are changes to the standard coding set. But this year there are several major industry-wide changes taking place that could severely impact your reimbursement rates. Learn about the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) cuts for Medicare and how they could affect you if passed. We'll also cover ANSI-5010 changes, the impending ICD-10 transition and other broad changes that every biller and medical practice should know.
Jeff Elkin & Alen Arze, Co-owners at iMedlogic [cont...]

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Lyndsey Coates

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Lyndsey is a graduate of Georgia State University. She has more than five years experience in social media, PR and marketing. Her free time is generally never free and reserved for all the males in her life (husband, 2 sons and a dog). When she does get away you can find her at a thrift store or reading a good blog.

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