Office Manager

Nurse Practitioner, CHN Healthy Clinic

It’s been a great system for us, we’ve been teaching students to use it as well and they say the same thing because they’ve also used other systems that have been very difficult. 

Helping clients like Sheri Buckley of CHN Healthy Clinic improve their office workflow is why we created NueMD. We strive to make our clients’ lives easier by providing them with simple and easy-to-use tools to better their practice. Sheri believes in NueMD so much that she even trains her students on the software!  See what NueMD features make Sheri such a big fan in this video testimonial.


I’ve been an ICU nurse for over 20 years. Paper Charts & Amazing Charts and lots of others that didn’t work very well.

I do find it very easy to use. I like that you can click on all the different settings, and the HPI and the physical exam and review of systems. Before I’ve had to physically type in that information. So you have to know exactly what you want to say every time and it’s very time consuming and this is not. You have a lot of prompts there- make it very easy to use.

Office Manager, Muskogee Pulmonary Clinic

"We don’t have to worry about networking. It’s just simply connect to the internet, connect to NueMD. I think that’s really the best solution for small practice, unless you’re going to pay an IT person full time." 

NueMD made claims processing more efficient than ever for Brian’s practice. See how our easy to use, cloud-based practice management and medical billing software helped speed up their reimbursement and lower administrative costs.


I’m in charge of processing, submitting claims and also processing the ERAs that we receive. The great thing about NueMD is that they have their own clearinghouse. And in addition to that they use Emdeon for any other insurance companies that they don’t service. Their interface is really easy to use and it has a lot of analytics and reports that automatically run. So that’s really great just to see this many claims got rejected at the clearinghouse level or at the insurance level. 

Office Manager, Atlanta ENT, Sinus & Allergy

"I've worked with several different softwares in the past. Transferring to Nuesoft was one of the easiest transformations we've had. As far as getting employees knowledgeable on it, it was a breeze. It's so easy to work with that anybody off the street can come in today and tomorrow be knowledgeable on it." 

Mary and her staff at Atlanta ENT, Sinus and Allergy Associates love the way NueMD organizes their dad-to-day processes. Watch and how NueMD lets them focus more on patient care. 


Mary: The Nuesoft software plays a big role in our day-to-day process. It basically organizes our office day-to-day.

Veronica: I usually work from 8:30 to 5pm. I schedule appointments, verify the insurance,  I use every little detail, I love the colors.

Office Manager, Complete Care Chiropractic

"And our deposits were double what they were. We know once some of the old stuff got caught up then our deposits would be normal again but our deposits are always a little more now because everything is being done correctly in the billing part."

NueMD Billing Services worked with Terry Payne and Dr. Pertree to make their practice more efficient and profitable. Check out the video to see how our certified coder, Tama Haggard, was able to quickly improve their day-to-day billing operations.


Terry: The first thing was Tama did a conference call with me and got me set up on sending all of our documents and information that we needed to transmit to NueMD via the software. In the past I faxed stuff and so notes weren’t necessarily on the patient’s record. That was huge right there, huge improvement right off that she did.

"She goes through all of our patients for us quickly. I mean, we've probably had issues for the past three years. And she got done with them in three months. I tell you, everything is done now. She's so great!" 

NueMD Billing Services increased reimbursement & improved billing workflow for Dr. Saidi's Family Practice. Watch to find out how our team of billing experts made the practice more profitable. 


Lacee: She goes through all of our patients for us quickly. I mean, we've probably had issues for the past three years. And she got done with them in three months.

Linda: Within two weeks we were receiving a lot more paid claims. And she's gone back and helped us recoup some of the money that we lost with the other billing company.

Tama: That first month, they received about a $12,000 check one day from Medicaid. It was all that back money that was just kind of sitting there. That's a substantial amount of money for a practice their size.